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Looking outwards: making culture cloud connections

Looking around myself on  train recently, about one in three people were doing something digital. They were blasting eardrums with iPods, checking stock prices, watching videos, playing online role-playing games. Someone was even looking at a culture website! Digital Britain … Continue reading

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Jodi Awards 2008 – Full text of Kevin Carey’s keynote speech

Kevin Carey kindly gave his time on December 5 to deliver the keynote address at the Jodi Awards, held once again at the British Museum.  Kevin’s detailed and erudite address is worth reading in full; several guests who were present … Continue reading

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2008 Jodi Awards report: Kevin Carey of RNIB calls for renewed effort to make UK digital culture accessible

The British Museum in London is a really great place to hold the Jodi Awards and we (Jodi judges, presenters and committee) are always thrilled each time the lights go down and the presentations start. There’s a palpable sense of … Continue reading

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