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Looking outwards: making culture cloud connections

Looking around myself on  train recently, about one in three people were doing something digital. They were blasting eardrums with iPods, checking stock prices, watching videos, playing online role-playing games. Someone was even looking at a culture website! Digital Britain … Continue reading

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Why isn’t my museum on Google Earth?

Adele Beeby from the East Midlands asked this question today (March 10, 2009) on the e-List of the Museums Computer Group: “Hi everyone,  I’m hoping someone can advise me on an issue we’re experiencing with Google Earth.  I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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Not getting together? Museums and Social Networking in the Midlands

On February 4th 2009, at The Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry,  I co-ordinated a Renaissance West Midlands event all about museums and social networking. Part of a wider research project, the successful day opened out some discussions about how museums take … Continue reading

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Syndication, serendipity, spying? Custom Twitter Feeds

Yesterday, I looked at what people were saying about the UK government’s Digital Britain ideas, and I posted a feed that captures the buzz from Twitter about these new strategy directions. Today, since it’s the end of the week, I’m posting a new feed to suit the mood: I’m looking at what people are saying about that familiar Friday feeling. Continue reading

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