This section – Resources – of Machineculture, is all about publishing online. Here you’ll find a growing set of pages about how we write online, how things are tagged, grouped and more. There’s so much happening online right now that we risk running ahead of ourselves when it comes to the core skills.

That’s not to say there’s no fun to be had online, when you’re playing with writing: just get signed up to Twitter or Facebook, Flickr, Blogger or WordPress and see what other people have been up to with digital text. Twitter is a great place to play at online writing skills. Telling your followers about your latest life challenges, jokes, faux pas and so on is really quite hard to do in 140 characters – try it!

First up – The Basics of Writing for the Web

Over the last ten years I’ve taught web writing workshops all over the UK and US in museums, galleries, archives, cultural organisations and conferences. To put these notes together, I’ve distilled some of those workshops and summarised the main points.  Don’t forget the web’s a read/write medium: if you’ve got points to raise or clarification about something I’ve written, please do comment. I’ll credit the remark to you and add it to the text.

Writing for the web’s simple – right? We can all do it, can’t we? It’s just a case of cutting and pasting from our newsletter into the blog, isn’t it? And Google’s so powerful now that it’ll find my object description, using it’s magic Google-juice, won’t it?

Click here to read  writing for the web – the basics


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