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From my archive – 2001: Communications with nobody: is anybody out there?

“When we took over the 24 Hour Museum project (in March 2001) from my point of view, the site was at best, just treading water. At worst, it wasn’t talking the same language as the people it professes to reach out to – the general public. And I’d like to say I think this is a problem across the whole museums, gallery and heritage internet sector.” Jon Pratty, Editor, 24 Hour Museum, October 2001 Continue reading

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Journalism, law and misidentification: McNabbed?

Picture the scene: it’s monday morning, the coffee is cooling, I’m blankly trolling around in a free-associating Google image search. For some reason a glimpsed headline suggests the name Andy McNab to me and I end up looking at a … Continue reading

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Journalism: The Guardian revealed again

Just when you thought The Guardian would be restored to it’s pre-eminent correctness thanks to a wave of post-Obama enthusiasm, they go and spoil it with a daft ad campaign for their own content, complete with greengrocer grammar ! The … Continue reading

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