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From my archive – 2001: Communications with nobody: is anybody out there?

“When we took over the 24 Hour Museum project (in March 2001) from my point of view, the site was at best, just treading water. At worst, it wasn’t talking the same language as the people it professes to reach out to – the general public. And I’d like to say I think this is a problem across the whole museums, gallery and heritage internet sector.” Jon Pratty, Editor, 24 Hour Museum, October 2001 Continue reading

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Cookies and EC law – what next for culture websites?

Meeting at Cornerhouse, Manchester about the forthcoming EC website cookie regulations, February 24th, 2012 A new EC law regulating use of website cookies becomes enforceable on May 26th, 2012. It means that, as web site operators, cultural institutions need to provide … Continue reading

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Getting ready for City Camp Brighton – Expectations?

Open Data City? Why would that be a good thing? Well, it could mean local services that are good value for money and that really do the best job for you, the user and council tax payer. The Open Data … Continue reading

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Culture sites and visitors – great data visualisation from The Guardian

There’s a really nice, thought-provoking data visualisation in today’s Guardian [February 23, 2011.] Have a look at the graphic here. It’s thought provoking to me because it shows how useful simple stats showing a national picture can be. It’s not … Continue reading

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Looking outwards: making culture cloud connections

Looking around myself on  train recently, about one in three people were doing something digital. They were blasting eardrums with iPods, checking stock prices, watching videos, playing online role-playing games. Someone was even looking at a culture website! Digital Britain … Continue reading

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Why isn’t my museum on Google Earth?

Adele Beeby from the East Midlands asked this question today (March 10, 2009) on the e-List of the Museums Computer Group: “Hi everyone,  I’m hoping someone can advise me on an issue we’re experiencing with Google Earth.  I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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New museum web project Creative Spaces sparks debate among web experts

The Museums Computer Group, the major web expert group within the UK museum sector, recently saw a passionate and erudite exchange of emails all provoked by the unveiling of the new Creative Spaces web project. (That’s the Wallace Collection node … Continue reading

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Finding #Darwin – Where’s the Twitter Map?

Just a quick post this morning to follow on from yesterday’s #Darwin fun. While writing yesterday I was looking for the link to the lovely animated Google Earth 5 #uksnow tweet map, and only just found it again, so here … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin gets web 2.0 and joins Twitter!

Just when you think the world of information science and the web has gone to sleep, bored to tears with endless discussions about when the semantic web will pop up, along comes something fabulous. Hard on the heels of last … Continue reading

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Not getting together? Museums and Social Networking in the Midlands

On February 4th 2009, at The Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry,  I co-ordinated a Renaissance West Midlands event all about museums and social networking. Part of a wider research project, the successful day opened out some discussions about how museums take … Continue reading

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